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Lurco invests in shared value projects with the aim of creating and sustaining long-term relationships; harnessing human potential, augmenting socio-economic development and unlocking new opportunities to drive growth.

Value-add Investment Approach

Lurco’s mandate of sector transformation and sound environmental stewardship and corporate governance underpins its value-add investment approach. This is centred around building a commercially viable business that shapes shared value and development; results in strong sustainable partnerships; promotes diversification through local and international growth; generates relative investor returns, and sustains a robust funding pipeline.

Lurco selects strategic investment projects based on:

  • Commodity - focus areas include iron ore, coal, chrome, manganese
  • Coal quality and grading
  • Export market potential
  • Infrastructure
  • IRR
  • Mine life span
  • Socio-economic impact
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Lurco Investment Pipeline

Lurco invests in coal, chrome, manganese and iron ore projects within the SADC region. There are a number of projects currently in the pipeline. For potential co-investment opportunities, please contact

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We are also investing in our communities

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